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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 April 2013 09:55

Items for repair can be posted to:

PO Box 1772



OR they can be couriered to our physical address:

Unit 56, Trevallyn Business Park,

North Riding,

Johannesburg 2163.

Please email me at bryce "at" adventuretech "dot" co "dot" za when you return a product, so that we can anticipate its arrival. I also need your contact details and a brief description of what has gone wrong.

You can telephone me on 011 021 3869 before you return the goods, so that we can see if it is a simple problem that we can resolve over the telephone.

The majority of repairs are completed within two days, however, there may be a shortage of spare parts or other reasons why a specific repair may take longer than this.

Please note that we can no longer repair "Daisy" products.

Submitting Repairs

When submitting repairs, please check that the item to be returned is truly not working properly. In the case of cameras, please study the manual carefully to ensure it has been correctly set up.  In the case of rifles, such as the QB 79, make sure the gas bottle seals are not leaking. Check connections on spotlights to make sure that the vehicle connections are good.

Always supply your own job card with a unique reference number, and be sure to describe the nature of the problem. If you don't do this, we might repair a cracked lens and miss the fact that a lamp has a slight flicker (for example).

Please note that cameras sent in, when there is nothing wrong with them, will incur a handling and testing fee of R200-00

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